Our Papers

Early individual papers
Battersby, M. (1989). Critical thinking as applied epistemology: Relocating critical thinking in the philosophical landscape. Informal Logic. Vol. XI No. 2  Spring 1989.
Bailin, S. (1992). Argumentation as Inquiry. In F.H. van Eemeren, R. Grootendorst, J.A. Blair, & C. Willard (Eds.), Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Argumentation. Amsterdam: International Society for the Study of Argumentation, pp.64-69.
Bailin, S. (1999). The problem with Percy: Epistemology, understanding, and critical thinking. Informal Logic , 19, 2&3, 161-170.

Early joint foundational papers
Bailin, S. & Battersby, M.  (2007). Reason appreciation. In H. Hansen & R. Pinto (Eds.), Reason Reclaimed. Newport News, VA: Vale Press.
Bailin, S. & Battersby, M. (2008). Beyond the boundaries: The epistemological significance of differing cultural perspectives. In OSSA 2007, The Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation.

The Approach
Bailin, S. & Battersby, M. (2009). Inquiry: A dialectical approach to teaching critical thinking. In H.V. Hansen, et al. (Eds.), Argument Cultures, CD-ROM. Windsor, ON: OSSA.

Bailin, S., & Battersby, M. (2017). What ShouldI Believe? Teaching Critical Thinking for Reasoned Judgment. Teaching Philosophy40 (3), 275-295.

Conductive Reasoning
Battersby, M. & Bailin, S. (2010). Guidelines for reaching a reasoned judgment. In J. A. Blair and R. H. Johnson (Eds.). Conductive Argument: An Overlooked Type of Defeasible Reasoning. London: College Publications, pp. 145 – 157.
Bailin, S. & Battersby, M. (2015). Conductive argumentation, degrees of confidence, and the communication of uncertainty. In In: F. van Eemeren and B.J. Garssen, (Eds.), Reflections on Theoretical Issues in Argumentation Theory (pp. 71–82), New York: Springer.

Aspects of the Approach
Battersby, M. & Bailin, S. (2011). Critical Inquiry: Considering the Context. Argumentation, 25, 2.
Battersby, M & Bailin, S. (2013). Critical thinking and cognitive biases. For OSSA 2013.

Application in Specific Contexts
Bailin, S. &  Battersby, M. (2011). The role of dialectical context in scientific reasoning. For International Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science and Science Teaching, Thessaloniki.
Battersby, M. (2007). Applied epistemology and argumentation in epidemiology. Informal Logic Spring .   
Battersby, M. (2016) Enhancing Rationality: Heuristics, Biases and the Critical Thinking Project. Informal Logic, 36(7), 99-120 


Battersby, M. & Bailin, S. (2015). Teaching critical thinking as inquiry. In: M. Davies & R. Barnett (eds) Palgrave handbook of critical thinking in higher education.

Bailin, S. and Battersby, M. (2015). Fostering the virtues of inquiry. Topoi. DOI 10.1007/s11245-015-9307-6.

Battersby, Mark. "The Competent Layperson: Re-envisioning the Ideal of the Educated Person." Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines 29.3 (2014): 4-12.

Critical Thinking and Creativity
Bailin, S. (2003) Is argument for conservatives? or Where do sparkling new ideas come from? Informal Logic, 23, 1, pp. 1-15.
Bailin, S. (1990). Argument criticism as creative. In R. Trapp & J. Schuetz (Eds.), Perspectives on Argumentation: Essays in Honor of Wayne Brockriede. Prospect Heights, Il.: Waveland Press, pp.232-240.
(Bailin, S. & Battersby, M. (2013). Argumentation across the disciplines, at Congreso Internacional Logica, Argumentacion y Pensamiento Critico, Santiago, Chile.)