Podcasts of Intelligent Presentations and Models of Good Argument

The Monk Debates:
The Royal Society of Arts   A collection of enormously informative lectures:   
BC based critique of science and medical stories:
List of cognitive biases  
A great rendition of Shulman's famous "story" illustrating fallacies: “Love the fallacy”


Excellent blog on critical thinking with many resources
A good blog that analyzes liberal discourse especially the United States, critical thinking perspective
Creator of Rationale (a diagramming program for arguments) VanGelder always has something interested to say about reasoning
Argumentation in physics (e.g. Galileo’s refutation of Aristotle’s theory of falling bodies) 
Jean Goodwin on science, reason and persuasion
Not sure who runs this blog but it always has interesting argument about public policy issues from a variety of academics
Less Wrong is a community blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality by focusing on various psychological insights into human biases
A nice collection of fallacies, definitions, etc.
A good source of reflective arguments about current events from researchers in four centres based at the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford.:
While referencing the book Predictably Irrational   by the author Dan Ariely it still includes many entertaining examples of unfortunate and sometimes fortunate human irrationality   
A wonderful collection of arguments pro and con many public issues documented information that students can use before making their arguments
Another useful site filled with documents and information: common controversial topics
Australian media critic
Very US

Website for the above authors filled with examples
Myth and fact checking
Inquiry in Science

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  1. HI David,

    The distinction is is between various arguments pro and con that have been put forward about a issue such capital punishment (e.g. the argument against its supposed deterrent effect) and what alternatives there might be to practically address related issues (e.g. life sentences, rehabilitation etc)